In January of this year, Kim contacted me to discuss her upcoming wedding in June.  She had me sold at “the reception is going to be at National’s Park baseball stadium!”  This was such a unique selection for a wedding reception, I was thrilled to be asked to plan this wedding.    It brings me so much joy when couples make their wedding a true reflection of their personalities.  Kim and Emil were such a joy to work with.  Kim was hands down the most laid back bride that I have ever met!  When I started working with Kim, the only items that had been decided with the venues and dresses, so I had my work cut out for me.  I think that it turned out absolutely stunning.

Check out these goregous photos from Connor Studios.

Read more about the details of this wedding on as a featured Real Wedding!



National Park Wedding Sparkling Events & Designs

Sparkling Events & Designs

Sparkling Events & Designs

Sparkling Events & Designs

Sparkling Events & Designs






Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Nationals Park Wedding

Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Nationals Park Wedding 3




Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Nationals Park Wedding Batting Cages

Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Mr and Mrs Sweetheart Table

Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Submerged Orchid Centerpieces

Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Submerged Orchid Wedding Centerpieces

Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Nationals Park Wedding Baseball Favor

Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Nationals Park Wedding 5

Ford_Trueh_Connor_Studios_Nationals Park Wedding 6

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