Hi – I’m Jennifer from Double the Fun Parties and I’m excited to be here today on The Sparkle Spot to share some ideas for turning household containers into favor containers! (You can see the full tutorial for each item on my blog.)

1.    Takeout Container

I saved four of these containers after a trip to the American Girl Bistro. (A really fun afternoon with your daughter if you have a store locally.) Just wash out your container, and make a coffee filter flower and tag for the top.


For the flowers, I modified this tutorial from Little Birdie Secrets. I didn’t need a stem, so I used pipe cleaner to hold together my filters. Then, I dyed the petals by dipping the whole thing in watered down food coloring.  I used a “thank you” stamp to create the tag (also from a coffee filter). A little ribbon and hot glue and I was all done!

I had everything I needed for this project in my pantry, except the “thank you” stamp, which was on sale, so the cost was about $2.50!


2.    Coffee Mix Container

Fun fact about me: I have a small Starbucks addiction problem. So that I can one day afford to retire, I’ve switched from a daily $3.25 decaf mocha to Hills Brothers Cappuccino. It’s sugar-free and just pennies a cup. The little red containers are so sturdy and cute, that they actually inspired this entire project.


For this project, I used white washi tape from Cute Tape and blue painters tape to create bunting. The red and blue twine came from a package from A Felt Affair (she makes darling felt bunting). Eyeball the amount of twine you need. (Don’t trim your length until you’re done.) Tie a bow at one end of the twine. Fold over the tape pieces and cut a notch into each. Finish with another bow and glue the two bows to the red container. (Hot glue didn’t work for me. I had to use E6000 – available in the WalMart craft aisle.)

My only cost for this project was $3.50 for the washi tape.


3.    Glad Sandwich Bag

I really don’t know what moms did before zip-top bags. They are the handiest things ever. I used these favor bags for my husband’s Cash Cab Party last year. The sandwich bags were the perfect size for our extra large black and white cookies.


This project is as much about as Duct Tape as it is about the Glad bags. Duct Tape comes in so many fun patterns now, and you can find it anywhere from WalMart to your local craft store. This black and white check was perfect for our taxicab theme. Just wrap the Duct Tape around the top of your baggie, add your cookie, and then staple on a printable. (I designed this printable using royalty-free taxi clip art from carclipart.com.)


Total project cost: $6 for Duct Tape.

4.    Almond Container

I’m sure unsalted almonds would be a healthier snack, but these are darn good. This container is gold with a blue lid, but don’t let that stop you. You’ll cover up the lid completely and can make the end product any color you like.


I had red ribbon, red cupcake liners, and red stamping ink, so we made this a red project. I found red circle printables from Cathe Holden via World Label. (Find them on my Free Printables Pinterest board here. They come in several colors.) Print the tags, punch one out with a 2.25” circle punch (EK Success makes them). Stamp the tag. Glue on the cupcake wrapper and the tag, then tie a 2” ribbon around the canister.

Total project cost: $0!!


I hope you enjoy these ideas for using what you have around the house! See you next time! – Jennifer

Styling and photography by Double the Fun Parties

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