Sweet Mady {paper + gifts}


For my TV Show theme I instantly thought of Friends, one of my all time favorites. Then, I thought of my “Mom” friends and quickly realized I wanted to create a party to celebrate these special group of ladies. I choose to create the party around the Coffee Shop idea. I wanted to create something cozy and truly easy for anyone to host.
The first thing I did was walk through my house to see what I could use for my table. I do this with every party I host. Most of the items on the table were hanging on my walls or were a decoration in some other area of my home. The large coffee print, Café sign and large spoon are all from my kitchen. The gold and tall candleholder are from my fireplace. The table which the muffins sit on is from my family room. The two red pillows, burlap runner and glass vase are from my dining room. You really can find so much in your house to use. Sometimes it takes walking through two or three times to discover items that will work. The large spoon was a last minute addition. I can’t even tell you how many times I walked right it while I was setting up the table, before grabbing it off the wall. As for the rest of the decorations, I purchase the two purple pillows as a set at Home Goods, along with the two gold frames. These were important for me to have so there was a touch of “Monica’s Apartment” on the table. I printed out the FRIENDS letters (again, adding a touch of purple) and hung them with small wood clips from my kids craft boxes onto a burlap ribbon that was tied around the purple pillows I bought. The party is set up outside on my deck, so I used my fireplace as the backdrop with the star that is hung there all year round.
Keeping with the Coffee Shop idea, I choose to do breakfast type finger foods. Well and coffee of course! The only purchase here was the five coffee mugs. They are probably more of a tea cup than coffee mug, but I wanted to use the larger style cup like the did on the show. I purchased these at Home Goods as well. I searched my pantry to see what food I could come up with and I ended up making Cinnamon Muffins and Chocolate Donuts Holes, which I added a little powdered sugar too. The serving pieces are all from my kitchen, as well as the little glass votives that held the Creamer, Nutmeg and Cinnamon for the coffee. The cupcake wrappers and flags on the muffins were found in my “leftover party supplies” box I keep in my pantry. This is a great place to find last minute items! I also made chocolate dipped spoons for the guest who likes a little dessert in their coffee.
The party favors were coffee beans in a simple cotton bag tied up with a little tag that says, “I’ll be there for you” which is the main line in the show theme song. I did not purchase these bags, but know you can purchase them for about $3 a bag. The tags I printed out here at home. I also printed out a Recipe Card for Friendship Bread that I found on www.allrecipes.com.
I really do love this party because it is not over the top. It’s a great party to use what you have and actually put together in a short amount of time. This party is a fabulous setting for a playgroup, celebrating a birthday, book club gathering or teacher luncheon. Oh and getting together with your Friends!
My Party Cost:
Pillow Set $24.99
Gold Frames $6.99 each
Coffee Cup $4.99 each
Grand Total = $63.92

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