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My favorite show is CSI: (Las Vegas series)! I can watch Grissom all day long- SERIOUSLY! I was so excited when I heard we had to do this challenge based upon our favorite show because how fun would a CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Party be? First thing I wanted to do is make my party kid friendly- after all “we love the kids.” My other goal was to really make sure that parents could realistically create this party themselves on our $100 budget. Since I do kids parties all the time I borrowed supplies fom my varies party themes and got crafty with the rest.

Back drop

Police “Do not cross” tape– FREE! Borrowed that from the BF who is a police officer. I’m sure everyone knows at least one officer of two.

CSI Signage– I already had the foam board but they’re about $2-3 at Target. I used some more of that free police tape, found some varies clip arts on my computer and Viola! Backdrop complete.


Foot prints led to the party crime scene. Those foot prints were photographed and labeled as evidence.

The table was covered in a body bag (black linen tablecloth labeled with “Morgue” sticker I created on the computer to really play up the body bag). I used the clip arts I found and created the CSI cup coasters, evidence stickers on cups, morgue toe label tag on napkins and evidence label on favor boxes.

I borrowed the cake stand from my plethora of stands and added homemade red velvet cupcakes on top. The poison chocolate symbol that topped my cupcakes was made with a mold I had left over from Halloween. I dressed my treats up with some mystery candy boxes I picked up from my local party store.


I used yellow boxes and labeled them with my evidence stickers. Great favor ideas for this party theme could be a magnifying glass, crime scene solving kit: stamp pad for finger printing, fingerprinting powders, fingerprinting brush, fingerprint lifters, plastic gloves, crime scene tape, and goggles or cool CSI shades.


I showed finger print cards for my party activity, but you can set the whole party up as a crime scene. Draw a chalk outline of a body on your dining room floor, mess up the party décor and lay down clues around your house. As guest arrive have them gather the clues to solve the mystery. Alongside the mystery game you can also try an Ice-breaking Crime Scene Trivia challenge or ‘What CSI Thing Could I be?’ game.

Party Cost

Backdrop: Free for me

Police Tape- $0


Freebies- Plates, cups, napkins, utensils, cake stand

Favor boxes- $6.00

Mystery candy boxes- $8.00

Total- $14.00


Homemade Free

Total: $14.00 REALLY! According to the rules yes- Actuality for plates, napkins, balloons, candy, favor boxes, and cups I spent…


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