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I was so excited when the theme of this challenge was announced!  We (my whole family, including my two year old…she just really loves the music!) are HUGE Glee fans and I knew immediately that this is the show I would base my design on!  Though this show is wildly inappropriate at times (especially since my twelve year old now gets almost everything that happens) it has made me laugh, cry (probably more than I would care to admit :)! ) and the one liners are hysterical! It was the perfect inspiration…plus Red Solo cups are definitely budget friendly!

I base my color scheme on the school colors from the show which were red, white and black.  I was able to pick up a few items from Valentine’s Day clearances and relied heavily on my craft stash!  For the table I knew that I really wanted to use lunch trays instead of plates.  I was having trouble finding these in my colors and at a reasonable price.  I ended up finding red ones at the grocery store for $1 each…when I wasn’t even looking!  Since the cheerleading squad is called the “Cheerios” I used the cereal to fill the centerpiece vase as well as made a couple of the napkin rings from them.  I bought one yard of fabric to cover the table and just used a white table cloth that I already had underneath it. This was a great way to add some fun to the table without buying an expensive tablecloth that I may never use again!  In one of the episodes they do the song Red Solo Cup,  I am not sure why I have these, but I found them in my cupboard :)!  I dressed them up a bit with some striped straws and music notes.  The restaurant that is frequented in the show is called Breadsticks; I filled a couple of jars that I already had with breadsticks and added them to the table.  Gold star place cards were on each tray as well as smaller gold stars that I used for some confetti on the table.  These were all done from one piece of card stock that I punched out at the scrapbook store.

For the dessert table, I used a black bookshelf that I already had and lined the back with some black and white music note scrapbook paper.  I was lucky enough to find sets of red and  white pom poms and megaphones at the dollar store, I used these on this shelf as well as throughout the rest of the party.  I borrowed my son’s football, and some trophies from a local school (my dad is the vocal teacher there, so it worked out great!).  I made a simple sign from poster paper and paint that said Glee Club Bake Sale; my desserts were all based on quotes from characters in the show.  If you watch the show you know that slushie cupcakes were a must, but there were also:

ñ“Hello, I’m Kurt Hummel and I will be auditioning for the role of kicker” covered football shaped Oreos

ñ“Hey William, I thought I smelled cookies wafting  from the ovens of the little elves who live in your hair” Keebler elf cookies

ñ“My gold stars are a metaphor for ME being a star” star sugar cookies

ñ“When a pony does a good deed, he gets a horn and he becomes a unicorn, and then he poops out cotton candy until he forgets he’s magical, and the his horn falls off.  And black unicorns, they become zebras” cotton candy cones!

I set up a photo booth area so the guests could get their yearbook pictures taken with several different prop options, including some hand drawn loser hands!  I got the desk and chair from a local school who was getting rid of all of their furniture for free…SERIOUSLY!  I spruced it up with a little spray paint and some chalkboard paint for the desk top.  I used a frame I found a Goodwill, spray painted it, put some fabric I already had in the center and then created a simple banner from cardstock.  A few red and white tissue poms and it was ready to go!  I also created a fun trivia list with quotes from the show for the guests to answer.

The party favors included a Glee notebook (Target clearance) a Glee button (Nobbies clearance) and a pack of Glee gum in Berry flavor (perfect for Rachel Berry!).

I had such an amazing time creating this party and being involved in this challenge!  Thank you!!!

Glee Party Challenge Budget

Tabletop – $21 total

Trays – $4

Fabric – $6

Flowers – $6

Cheerios for centerpiece/napkin rings – $2

Centerpiece cutouts & Place cards – $1

Pom Poms for chair backs – $2

PhotoBooth – $15

Frame & spray paint – $8

Desk & Chair – FREE!

Chalkboard paint – $1

Tissue paper for poms – $2

Pom poms & megaphone – $1

Banner – $1.50

Printing for quotes trivia & loser fingers – $1.50

Desserts – $37.50

Poster paper – $5 (I had to buy a new roll, but used such a small amount I think I have enough to last a lifetime now)

Poster paint – $1.50

Pom poms & megaphones – $2

Grass mat – $2.50

Paper to line shelves – $2.50 (missed the sale on this 🙁 !!! )

Leafy vine – $4

Desserts – $16

Red tins – $1 for both (Valentine’s clearance @ Target)

Printing for tags & cupcake wrappers – $3

Favors – $8

Glee notebooks (Target clearance $.79/ea.) – $3.16

4 pack Glee buttons (Nobbies clearance $.84) – $.84

Glee gum – $4

Total spent – $81.50

  1. Krista says:

    WOW this is just so adorable! LOVE the choice and all your decisions along the way. Such a hit!

  2. mandi says:

    Awesome as always 🙂

  3. Cristina Bogossian says:

    Love this! My daughter wants a Glee party and this is the most inspiring ideas I found, you are awesome!
    Question: where did you get those cute red cafeteria trays??

  4. Eppie says:

    Hi, can you tell me where to find those lovel red trays?

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