I have noticed a repeated question on just about every creative blog out there: “Where do you gain inspiration?” Hmm, well first and foremost I do think it’s a valid question; however it is asked quite often and leads to similar answers.

Thanks to Pinterest we all have inspiration at our finger tips at any hour of the day. I would be lying if I didn’t say I, Nicolle of Libby Lane Press, am addicted to Pinterest as well. I love to pin new ideas and make them my own, create fun crafts with my little ones or whip up faux-Panera Mac’n Cheese for dinner (which is heavenly, by the way).

Yet when I need to really delve deep and find something new I step away from the computer and go shopping. I have found that some of my best ideas have come from store windows, bolts of fabric next to one another and aisles of wrapping paper in the stores we all frequent weekly. In the beginning of my design career I would wander through every Home Goods in a 20 mile radius looking for that perfect cake stand or vessel to inspire me. I quickly learned that every other paper designer/stylist was right there along side of me around the country doing the exact.same.thing. Next, I decided to browse popular children’s catalogs and that too was helpful, but I was left wanting more. More creativity, more originality and more DIY.

So, I am still personally on the yellow brick road in search of the wizard of inspiration, but in the meantime I will share a few places that always leave me with a smile and a creative rush that keeps me loving what I do each and every day.




  1. Stefani {La Belle Parties} says:

    I am a serious DIYer and I am always looking for new projects. I find myself looking at the shapes of things and trying to picture what items I can use to recreate the shape or if I already have a theme in mind I like to explore the different materials or textures that I can use to create the look.

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