Hi, its Stefani Khan here from La Belle Parties with my very first contribution here on The Sparkle Spot!   Are you ready to think outside the box?

A beautiful cake stand can have such a dramatic effect on your dessert table, but their price tag can make them less than practical. So, being the crafty person that I am, I started thinking, what could I use to make my own cake stand? What would be something that most people would have at home? Boxes! We have tons of boxes at my house. Cereal, shoe, juice, diaper, shipping, you name it we probably have it. The next question was how to use them? I didn’t just want to wrap the boxes I needed to let my inner creative genius out. After a quick trip to my local craft store I had my answer. Yarn!

I decided I wanted three levels so I gathered up my boxes and wrapped them in packaging paper.

Next, I grabbed the yarn and my handy dandy glue gun and got to work. I glued the end of the yarn to one of the corners and started wrapping. On the first round I glued each corner to keep it from slipping off the bottom of the box. Then I just kept wrapping the yarn around until I got to the top of the box. I cut my yarn, used another dot of glue and the bottom level was complete. I repeated the same steps for the top level also.

I wanted to do something a little different for the middle level so I created a pattern. Now I will warn you this took a little longer. I had to glue each corner as I went along and cut the yarn as I worked my pattern around the box. The cutting leaves an unfinished look so I wrapped the yarn around the top covering all the ends I had cut.

Finally, I stacked the boxes and added some fabric flowers. I love that this stand is so inexpensive that I can create a new one to coordinate with each new theme. I also love that choosing a yarn with a different texture can completely change the look.

The creative wheels were turning now and I had one more idea I wanted to try. This time I wanted to create ruffles. I cut five strips all about the same width and long enough to wrap around the box about 1½ times. I did a simple gather stitch across the top of each strip and gathered the fabric creating a ruffle long enough to wrap around the box once. Then I used my trusty glue gun and glued the ruffle to the box. I glued the next ruffle on so that it would hang down far enough to cover the top of the first ruffle. I repeated the same steps until I had all the ruffles glued on. I finished off the top with a piece of coordinating ribbon.

Next, I grabbed my go to cake plate and weaved a piece of fabric through and finished it off with another fabric flower. Finally, I set the cake plate on top of the box and voila!

A beautiful ruffled cake stand!

I am so happy with the way they both turned out! Each one has its own unique look and best of all they are easy to create and have little to no cost to make!



Are your wheels turning now? Are you thinking of a pattern you want to try with the yarn, a different use for the ruffles, or maybe a whole new idea all together? I would love to hear what you think.


  1. Megan says:

    These turned out great! Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Debbie@Party Patisserie says:

    Stefani~ Such cute ideas and great job! You are one creative and busy mom!

  3. Love using the yarn! Great tutorial!

  4. Stefani says:

    Thank you ladies! I LOVE thinking of new craft projects. It’s my only quiet time. 🙂

  5. Stefani! Who gave you a bottle of awesome juice????!!!!! LOL – These are amazing – I love the weaving on the box in the middle!!!

  6. These look great! Thanks for the inspiration!

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