Challenger – Madly Stylish Events

Theme – Sweet Words for My Girlfriends


When I first thought of this challenge, I thought of doing something that included love letters because I think they are so romantic. I was

not quite sure how I would do this but the idea stayed in the back of
my mind. I knew that I’d be raiding my house for things that I could
use so it had to

I also thought it would be great to do something for my Friday
Morning Breakfast group. Every Friday morning, after the gym or
Weight Watchers, my girlfriends and I get together for breakfast at
First Watch. But given our budget, I knew a full breakfast would
not work which lead me to afternoon tea. I then remembered a wall
display that Cheree Berry did for Kate Spade and things started to
gel. The wall display was created by using mini envelopes and with
little cards inside on which were written some random chances you
might take. Like “Eat Cake for Breakfast”, “Go Skinny Dipping”,
or “Crash a Party”.

I decided why not write our own spirited suggestions or just a
thoughtful word to each other. It’s so rare nowadays that we take the
time to write some sweet words to girlfriends who help us navigate
through our life journeys.

Décor & Tablescape:
I wanted it to be a cozy, intimate tea for a few girlfriends. I wanted
us to spend some quality time together talking and nibbling on a few
sweets. As such, I set the sweets right on the table. I pushed the
table against the wall and set up my backdrop. I used the colors red
and white but threw in little blue for interest and an unexpected color.

For the tablescape, I went with a white tablecloth covered by a flannel

runner, made from 2 yards of fabric found on sale at Jo-Ann’s. Again,
I wanted it to feel and look cozy and I fell in love with that flannel so I
went with it. I made the napkins out of a 2-yard remnant, also found
at Jo-Ann’s. I used a dinner napkin I had as a template and cut out
6 napkins. The napkins were laid underneath the dessert plates
and tied with a grosgrain ribbon. I attached the notecards with a mini
clothespin embellished with a red heart. The clothespins were a
leftover from last year’s Valentine’s Day.

I collect teacups and used a few of them as vases to hold the roses.
The roses were a hostess gift from a Holiday party we hosted the day
before the shoot. LUCKY ME!

The bell stands also came from my house and I pulled apart the
hearts from a wreath that I had bought from Home Goods a while
back but never used. The hearts came in handy and looked perfect
inside the stands and on the tea bar.

The red mini picture frames on the table came from Michael’s and
were used as the favors; each guest got to take one home to put their
note in it.

On each place setting, there were 2 note cards (one with each
guest’s name and a blank one) and envelope held by the mini
clothespin with the heart. On the blank card, each guest got to
write a thoughtful little note to another guests. The cards were
purposefully small as to not make the guests feel like they had to
write a lot…. just a line or two. The guest read what they wrote
and handed the card to the person they wrote it for. The card was
inserted into the red picture frames and the guests got to take them
home as a favor.

Backdrop and Sweets:

As I said before, inspired by Cheree Berry, I created a backdrop
out of red and white envelopes. Super-easy and super cheap! I
purchased a box of envelopes in assorted colors for $6.99 at Staples.
I used a backdrop that I already had and simply glued the envelopes
to it. I embellished the white envelopes with glitter red heart stickers;
which I took from my girls’ collection of stickers. I set the backdrop
on the table and arranged the sweets in front of it.

My lovely friend, Tiffany, from Tiffany and Cake, made those
fabulous cookies. I am swooning over the envelope and letter design
inspired by cookies I saw on the blog, Sweetapolita. To stay within
budget, we created a simpler version and it complimented my theme
perfectly. I made the devil’s food mini heart cakes and cake pops,
with cake mix that I bought on sale for a $1.

Tea Bar:
Since it was afternoon tea, we had to have a tea bar. I used one
of the mini frames for our tea menu selection. I offered three teas,
the flavors that I already had at home. In addition, there was lemon,
milk, honey, and sugar…all from my kitchen. The Hershey kisses
came from Target at $2.50 a bag. The rosette in the white vase is
repurposed from a Wizard of Oz party that I styled several weeks ago
and is made by Icing Designs.

Budget Breakdown:
Everything came from my house except for the following:

Cake Mix
Flannel remnant
(runner and napkins)
Custom Designed Cookies
Rock candy stirrers
Peppermint Spoons



Mini Frames
Hershey Kisses

Total Spent:

Items were purchased at my local grocery store, Michael’s, jo-Ann’s
and Home Goods. Fabulous places for great finds at low prices!

What I love about this tea is that it could easily be used for a baby
shower (Sweet Words for Baby) or bridal shower (Sweet Words for
the Bride). The menu can be expanded to include a selection of tea
sandwiches, fruit, scones, muffins, etc. Cupcakes and mini cakes
could be added to the dessert bar. In addition, the letters to either
bride or baby could be collected into a book given to the guest of



  1. The chocolate heart cake took my breath away! LoVe the flannel, too!

  2. Melissa C says:

    Love all the envelopes! Cute.

  3. Lyda says:

    I LOVE this! We have a “love letter” in our family trunk written by my great-grandmother in 1863! Handwritten letters and notes are something to treasure!

  4. Great job! The cake pops + cookies are adorable – love the envelope backdrop.

  5. Wilmara Manuel says:

    Thank you all for your sweet words! Much appreciated! <3….I would love your vote as well! Thank you.

  6. These cookies are adorable! Love the wall decor!!

  7. Lisa says:

    Love! The Wall Display!

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