Challenger:  Fanciful Events

Theme:  Blooming with Love

I decided to do a fun and sweet little Valentine party because as we all know, when it’s Valentine’s day, we all bloom with love and find new ways to love one another or our love simply grows inside of us!

I based my theme around the beautiful printable set that I bought from Paper & Pigtails! 🙂 When I found out that our design theme was Valentine’s , I was a little nervous because I kept thinking, what am I going to do that would be a good theme for this challenge and then I remembered Kori had done a beautiful printable flower set and I asked her if we could change it up to make it more of a Valentine theme and she did of course and then that’s when I decided that my theme would be :Blooming with Love!”


I decided to go with pinks and red for this theme and played a little bit with the “blooming “part of the theme and also used hearts to signify the “love” part of the theme. I had Brittany from Editable Details make me some fondant toppers because I knew whatever I decided to use them on, they would definitely dress up my desserts and make them look pretty!


I kept things simple and made it more of a Valentine play date for my daughter and a few of her little friends. Since this was a $100 party budget I knew that I was not going to be able to go all out and had to think outside the box for the decor and food.I kept the dessert table simple with fun little treats for the girls, we had donut holes, little powdered donuts, marshmallows, candy cane little kisses, gumballs, cranberrry scones, and cupcakes, and a small little cake! For the decor I used what I already had from around the house and from our previous Valentine party that we did last year! 🙂 For the background I hung banners and also used different flower rosettes that I made from a couple of fabrics to give it a flowery touch.


For the girls’ table, I used a flowery pink bed sheet that belongs to my daughter since believe or not, I don’t have a simple white table cloth! and a pink table runner. I then used flower placemats to give it that “Blooming” feel and used a “Bloom” sign to give that simple yet whimsical feel. Every little girl got to take home a little bad with a small flower pot so they could grow their flower and make sure it bloomed with their love and care. It was really a sweet play date but at the same time a very simple and stated party. I didn’t want to go overboard with all kinds of things and plus I was on a budget for once! I found this challenge to be really fun and it also taught me that sometimes simple is better and more stated! We also used an old dining table and some chairs and unfortunately had to have the party inside since it was a dreary and rainy day! This party was going to be outside but mother nature had other plans!


I had planned for the girls to do an activity of drawing and making a bloom with me sign, but they had other ideas instead! *LOL* Gotta love kids and their will to change up your plans! 🙂


For the girls centerpiece I decided to use this Heart shaped basket we already had and used sparkly grass to fill it and used the Pastry Pedestal with flower shaped cupcake holders and placed powdered donuts inside of them and used Editable Details beautiful fondant toppers to make it look like a faux flower arrangement! It looked adorable and just perfect! Having that Bloom sign also made a big difference! 🙂


Everything that was used for this playdate I already had: sparkly red little foam hearts and ribbon for the banners and cake topper, white plates, little cups, cupcake cups, blooming table placemat, table runner on girls table and dessert table, all apothecary jars, cake stands, heart little basket on girls’ table, bloom sign, favor bags, small white plates, and the pastry Pedestal.

Printable Valentine Blooming set $ 25
6 fondant toppers $ 15, $2.50 each
4 party favors, grow a flower @ $1 each= $ (4) total
pink gumballs $5.99
powdered donuts $2
donut holes $ 2.40
candy cane hershey kisses $ 2.45
marshmallows $ 1.54
small 5inch cake $5.95
12 cupcakes $6.95
cranberry scones $ 2.50
fabric for flower rosettes, $6.00
light pink and darker pink rosette trim $8.00
heart shaped foam forms $ 6.50 for both
Grand Total: $94.28
  1. Beautiful. LoVe the backdrop and the theme!

  2. Kori Clark says:

    Beautiful Job Suzanne! I love the kids grass placemats and that cake topper is so cute! What a great job!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Love it!

  4. What a cute and fun party; love the blooming centerpiece you created!

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