Challenger: 5-9 Events

Theme: Swirly Whirly Valentine

I love planning kid’s parties, so when I heard the theme, I immediately thought of a Valentine’s Day play date for toddlers/preschoolers. I’m in a couple moms groups, and it’s pretty typical to celebrate a holiday with a play date. So I thought this would be a great way to create ideas for moms just putting together a small gathering for the impending holiday.

The difficult thing for me was removing the ‘lovey-dovey’ aspect of Valentine’s Day to make it suitable for young children. I toyed around with several themes and then realized that I could just focus on a color scheme or pattern, throw in some hearts and that would suffice. For some reason I was drawn to swirls and pinwheels which helped me settle on a ‘Swirly Whirly Valentine’s Day play date’. Check out my inspiration board on pinterest which is where I always start when creating a party design.

I used our coffee table as to setup the kids’ table. It’s low enough that I didn’t even need pillows or other props as seats. Besides, we all know toddlers and preschoolers won’t sit for long! My daughter’s room has red curtain panels, so that served as the table linen. I had the placemats and mason jars from a previous party, they were re-used here. I used pipecleaners to create place cards and decorate the glasses. The printable for the placecards was free! (TIP: Usually before every holiday, some designers will create a free printable package, so definitely be on the lookout.

The printables I used were designed by Iced Jems and featured on the Catch my Party blog) I was inspired by a pin to create the centerpiece, and decided to add some pinwheels and pipecleaners.

For an activity I wanted something quick and mess-free (considering my party attendees!) so I decided that they could decorate these teal baskets with stickers. Then, in typical Valentine’s Day party style, they’d use the baskets to exchange valentines! Above the favor/activity table is a swirly heart mobile I made using cardstock, fishing line and an embroidery hoop. I also made a garland out of curling ribbon for the dessert and favor tables.

The dessert table featured cake, cookie pops, banana pops, swirly apples, heart-shaped pizzas, cereal treats and jello. The backdrop was taped-down and swirled crepe streamers, and four blue pinwheels. I also made food label cards using the pipecleaners, identical to the placecards on the kids’ table. Leftover curling ribbon was placed in some of the servingware as well.


red shredded gift bag stuffing  $1.00
styro ball  $1.00
curling ribbon  $2.00
pipecleaners  $3.00
stickers  $2.00
baskets  $4.00
red and white streamers  $2.00
jello cups  $1.00
dum dum suckers  $2.00
cardstock  $3.90
straight pins  $1.25
embroidery hoop  $2.10
printables (3 sheets total, printed at
home so this is an estimated value of the paper and ink)
straws  $1.00
Dessert table
teal ceramic dishes  $2.00
jello  $1.25
almond bark  $3.00
red plastic silverware  $1.00
marshmallows  $0.50
frosting  $1.00
sucker sticks  $1.75
TOTAL  $37.75
I had many ingredients on hand to make 90%
of the food, so I did not tabulate what it would cost to
make the pizza, cake, cookies, cereal treats
(minus marshmallows) or purchase bananas and apples. I would estimate that it would cost no more than $20 to buy all necessary ingredients.

 Grand Total – $57.75

  1. Such a cute party! I love the centerpieces and the heart mobile!

  2. That mobile is fantastic! Love the heart shaped pizzas as well. Great job!

  3. Enjoyed the backdrop, the mobil and that you incorporated blue. You just gave me the courage to use my blue hearts I picked up today! Good luck.

  4. Cineca@ Dreamin' N Details says:

    I’m a big fan of streamers for backdrops! Loved the color combo. Your table centerpiece & placecards were adorable! xo

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