We know you are getting ready for the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday but we wanted to share one of our favorite events of the year. We began working with this client back in May of this year to plan her daughter’s SPOOKTACULAR Halloween birthday party. Our client’s vision was to construct a haunted house for the party! Not something you put together in your house, but a real life structure complete with rooms and maize that you probably visit every year with friends and family! We were so eager to get started on this project because it was such a departure from what we are traditionally known for. We found an AMAZING builder who is known well in this area for his haunted houses and he did an outstanding job. Even though it rained, sleeted and SNOWED..the party went off without a hitch.

Time for the GORE!


The Birthday Girl with her parents!

Happy 10th Birthday Ava!

Thanks to Mimi’s Mocha Treats for the cake and Carpe Cupcake for the cupcakes and cake pops!

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