It’s official, SED’s books are closed for stationery and events in 2011!  We are approaching our last few events this year and want to take a little break.  I (Ebony) also would like to spend some much needed quality time with my family over the holidays, so not taking anymore clients is what I have to do.  If you are already in progress for your order, you are in the books, so don’t worry!  
We’ve got some great things planned for 2012 and the 3rd year of Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC.  Taking this time off will allow us to prepare for our growth and expansion.   We are currently already booking dates for 2012, so if you are already planning your 2012 events, contact us now because we are going to be busy busy busy next year!  
We hope you are going to be around for the ride!!! Buckle Up!!!!

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