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Jack and the Beanstalk
Designer: DoDriver of Piggy Bank Parties
Theme: Jackand the Beanstalk
Objective: Tocreate an enchanted adventure from the earth up to the sky for the birthday boy,Jack, and three of his friends.
Time: 2:00p.m. – 4:00 p.m. (The afternoon “sweet” spot when you don’t need toprovide a meal.)
Guests: 4
Ages: 4-8
The activities table iscovered with kraft paper from a dollar store and secured with double-sticktape. Since we have a small house and the lil’ guests will be diggin’ in dirt,we chose to place the table in the kitchen which has an easy-to-clean tilefloor. A quick backdrop was created by attaching ruffled streamers andbeanstalk leaves from the Jackand the Beanstalk Collection with double-stick tape.
The Story:
After the party guests havearrived, the story of “Jack and the Beanstalk” will be read. Theguests will be encouraged to remember the people, animals and treasures thatJack encounters throughout the story. The storybook also serves as a guestbook. The lil’ guests are asked to sign the inside of the front cover and afterthe party it will be added to the BirthdayLibrary as a memento.
Planting Magic Beans:
After the story, our lil’guests will head to the activity table where they’ll plant their magic beans.Each guest receives a packet of bean seeds, a pot filled with dirt and a spoonto dig a hole for the seeds. After the seeds are planted, the guests then placethe pot in a sandwich bag and add a little bit of water to help their beanstalkgrow. Pots are placed in lunch sacks ready to take home and be planted.
String a Harp:
Once the magic beanstalks areready to go home, each guest receives a pre-cut and pre-punched cardstock harpfrom the Jack and the BeanstalkCollection. Our lil’ guests are given string to create their own singingharp.
Magic Bean Toss:
Our bean bag toss was recycledfrom my Fifties Drive-in Birthday Party. We created hamburger bean bags for myparty by sewing together two pieces of felt and filling them with beans. Thegame board was made out of thick foam core. Instead of making new bean bags, Ichose the bottom bun, hamburger and lettuce to represent dirt and the leaves ofa beanstalk. The lil’ guests will have fun playing this until their parentsarrive to pick them up.
I wanted to created anenchanted setting for the lil’ guests. A green tablecloth served as thefoundation for the dining table and green chairs from our patio set were theperfect choice for seating. The centerpiece and focal point of the party—thebeanstalk—was created using a cardboard box, crumpled newsprint, a brown pieceof material, four green pool noodles, raffia and leaves from our Jack and the Beanstalk Collection.I placed the box in the center of the table, covered it with the tablecloth andthen added the newspaper to give it an organic feel. The pool noodles were tiedtogether at one end with raffia then weaved together like a braid. They weretied again just below the middle. Next I weaved the noodles through thechandelier and tied each noodle to one of the chandelier arms. The beanstalkleaves were curled by rolling the paper in different directions and attachedwith double-stick tape. To give the illusion that the beanstalk was growingunder the table, each table leg with wrapped with ruffled streamers.
Giant beanstalk leaves wereused as placemats. A clear plate topped each leaf and held Jack’s cottage andmagic beans. The cottages are favor boxes filled with Green Apple and Watermelonjelly beans. A reclosable sandwich bag was used to hold the beans and tied witha leaf ribbon. Dimension was added to the roof by printing 1.25 extra roofs percottage on text weight paper. Cut the extra roofs into strips, make little cutsalong one edge of each strip and attach them to the roof with double-sidedtape. Then ruffle the fringe to make it look like a straw roof.
The leaf ribbon was used againto tie the brown cloth napkins which mimic the beanstalk growing near Jack’s cottage.Green silverware from our picnic set was tucked into the napkin ring. The finaltouch to the table setting were the drinking glass jars wrapped with leafribbon and filled with cow’s milk and green straws.
The magic and mischief of “Jackand the Beanstalk” takes place high in the clouds at the top of the beanstalk.A magical Treats-n-Toys table was created using our infamous paper platebackdrop. This can be easily recreated directly on a wall for approximately$5.00. Ruffled cloud-colored streamers topped the backdrop while whitecardstock clouds floated in front. The clouds were cut out free-hand from whitecardstock, scrap pieces of  foamcore added dimension and then they were suspended with fishing line to theceiling.
The puffy cloud table wascreated with reclosable bags filled with packing peanuts and topped with awhite tablecloth. The giant’s castle was a bargain find at $2.99. The pictureon the front of the package stated it was made for ages 6+. Let’s just say, itcontained 152 tiny pieces of balsa wood, no written directions and took twocollege grads–one with a masters in civil engineering–over 8 hours to puttogether. {Be warned!} The castle floated on top of three upside down popcornbuckets. To make them sit a little higher, I added crumpled newsprint andplastic bags in between the buckets until they reached the perfect height. “Fe,Fi, Fo, Fum” flags were attached to toothpicks then added to the castlewith poster putty. The serving pieces were all white except for the golden coinpurse to keep the table light and airy. The coin purse was made with a lunchsack and a piece of braided suede ribbon and the Silly Putty eggs were wrappedin florist’s foil. The beanstalk would definitely poke through the clouds soleaf ribbon was added to the serving pieces with double-stick tape.
The menu of Treats-n-Toysincludes licorice beanstalks, cow’s milk, golden chocolate coins,  golden Silly Putty eggs, magic jellybeans, bean poles, meringue clouds, glowing bean bracelets and a cloud cake.Before the lil’ guests eat, they are asked a few questions about the story as a”verbal” Scavenger Hunt. “What did Jack’s mom ask him tosell?” They answer, “A cow!” and then they are asked to find themilk and it’s served to them. “What did Jack get instead of money for thecow?” Answer, “Magic Beans!”  and once they find the magic beans the lil’ guests add themto their plate. The questions continue until they have filled their plates witheach of the Treats-n-Toys. After the Scavenger Hunt, it’s time to sing,”Happy Birthday!” to Jack followed by the cutting of the cloud cake.
Each lil’ guest will taketheir own soon-to-be-a-beanstalk, golden Silly Putty egg, glowing bean braceletand a cottage full of magic beans.
Cake                                    $6.82
Bean Poles                  $1.06
Licorice Beanstalks                  $2.26
Gold Coins                  $2.17
Silly Putty Eggs                  $4.00
Egg Foil                                    $4.79
Magic Beans                  $4.76
Bean Bracelets                  $.98
Milk                                    $1.14
Servingware:                  $0
Invitations & Printing:
Cardstock                                    $4.16
Envelopes                                    $.42
Printing                                    $3.45
Printables                                    $30.00
Ribbon                                    $4.56
Streamers                                    $3.90
Castle                                    $2.99
Pool Noodles                  $8.12
Book/Guest Book                  $7.61
Kraft Paper                  $1.10
Bean Seeds                  $1.08
Pots                                    $.91
Potting Soil                  $1.28
Favors:                                    $0 (see Treats-n-Toys)
GRAND TOTAL: $97.56(Under budget: $2.44)
Vendor Credits:
Party Design, Styling,Printables & Photography: PiggyBank Parties
Castle and Florist’s Foil: Michaels
Ribbon: May Arts
Paper Plates: Party City


  1. Alicia Carter says:

    The paper plate backdrop is genius! Can't wait to use that idea. Great job!



  2. Party Wagon says:

    Super cute, Do!

  3. Jill {peasandthankyous} says:

    I could not love you guys any more than I do at this moment. Soooo freaking awesome! The balloon beanstalk, OMG!! The illustrations are insanely adorable, I hope you'll be putting this one "on the market"!!

  4. Natalie {the knock-knock factory} says:

    You knocked it out of the park! CONGRATS!!!!

  5. Pink Peppermint Paper says:

    DO!!! That noodle beanstalk is KILLING ME! SO freakin' fabulous! I love the pops of green against the sky blue. Fantastic!


  6. Piggy Bank Parties says:

    Thank you so much for all of the sweet comments! It was a design I had been wanting to create for a long time and it's so amazing to see it come to life! Yes, Jill…it will be hitting The Market shelves this week!

  7. Ginger Vessey says:

    Love this! So many creative ideas!!!!

  8. Tara says:

    I LOVE the magic beanstalk!. So simple, yet genius. You go girl!

  9. biancagiftsandevents says:

    so, so, so creative!!!

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