Challenger – The Knock Knock Factory (aka Little Shindigs)
It Ain’t Easy Being Green

Thank you Ebony for such a fab idea for a challenge!I have often…okay , I have always had bigger dreams for parties then my actual budget should handle. This was an amazing experiment and I am truly thankful to have been chosen to take part in this challenge:amonst amazing company.

That said, I would also like to dedicate my little partyscape to my kid sister Evelyn, who is by all means the BIGGEST Muppets fan in our family. I cannot tell you how many times I have watched The Muppets Take Manhattan. Seriously. Okay, enough of the cheese.

It ain’t easy being green
The party was designed and inspired by ONLY the most interesting Frog in the world. The invite-easy peazy, total dollar store craft. I picked up some smarty glasses in black cases, took a sharpie to the front of the lense and went crazy with whiteout on the inside of the glasses.Cannot get any easier than that. Cute. clever. done.
To welcome guests I added a custom green blow-out. Just in case anyone forgot where the Kermit party was. I wont tell you how I made it because then I’d have to kill you. However , all the materials are accounted for in the “declining budget”.
The party table..aka my kitchen table is covered in a blue (old) table cloth and I added craft paper and green wrapping paper to add some needed color. Along with a Kermit felt accent to the borders. I drew little theatres with the kids names for place settings and added color WASHABLE markers to the table. Only place I would ever want my kid to make a scene:) I used my own standard white dishes but invested a whole dollar on color paper cups. I used old small vases and the cute cello bags I found to make balloon weights. Picked up a dozen GREEN balloons at two for a dollar and changed the string to nicer ribbons. Went crazy with crepe paper in the background, hung with the exhisting curtain rod.
I also made an EDIBLE party banner. I don’t have a fancy, schmancy cutting machine. Go ahead…feel sorry for me. So ….I imprevised. I stuffed the same cello bags with pop corn and candy. Cute right?! I think so!!! Watch this is going to be huge someday. And THEN you can say..hey that poor girl without a cutting machine did that a while back. You watch.
Party Games- Miss Piggy’s charm school. Yes, I said it.
I wrapped some old books. Through in my  own titles.
If Pigs Could Fly-A Motivational Story
Hi-Yah-Karate for Dummies
This Little Piggy-The Auto-Bio
included some costume Pearls (I borrowed from my Mom) and you got relay races like no other
Also-Make and take (optional)
ANIMALS drum sticks
dollar store craft: wooden dowels, red paint, crepe paper, styro balls and chenille stems. Oh..who are we kidding? Pipe cleaners!
I just made mine to go with the party favor but could be made by kids with minimal supervision and a lot of patience.
The Cake. Sorry no dessert table here. I hope that’s okay. I instead ,took a small book case from my kids and constructed a little theatre and stage filled with pretty clouds for the cake.
The Menu:
Pigs in a Blanket. Cinnamon and Sugar Sticks. Pink Lemonade. Pop corn. Cake, Cookies
If that wont make you green in the face…not sure what will.
(note to reader) Food is not my forte.  All of the above was frozen..pre-packaged. Probobly blew my budget but lets be REAL. It is what it is folks.
Party Horns were decorated with Kermit and friends stickers. Quick makeover. Threw them in an old vase with some leftover sprinkle thingy majigs and all is good in the world again.
Party favor- Little drum tin with an ANIMAL sticker and pretty ribbon, drum sticks, ANIMAL crackers and a few left over lolly pops.

Now the DECLINING BUDGET::::::(tan.tan.tannnn)

blue table cloth
my tables and chairs
4 old flower vases
white plates
drink Jar
paper scraps
glasses $400
Cake $12.99
pigs in a blanket-$3.99
pipe cleaners $1.00
cookies $3.99
gumballs $1.00
1 large lolly pop $1.00
Churros $2.99
Ribbons $5.00
Felt $1.00
wrapping papers/craft paper $4.00
1 dozen balloons $6.00
paper cups-$1.00
paper napkins-$1.00
wooden dowels-$1.00
styro balls-$2.00
cello bags-$1.99
crepe paper-$4.00
red class borders-$1.00
acrylic paint-$1.00
animal crackers-$1.00
orange cupcake wrappers-$1.00
tin canisters-$12.00
small bookcase
ribbon scraps
up cycled ribbon and gift wrap
up cycled red schred
thrift store funky scarfs $2.00
Natalie Robles
The Knock-Knock Factory
Designers $100 Challenge Entry


  1. The Party Muse says:

    LOVE this theme! Kermy is one of my favorites for sure, this party looks so festive and fun 🙂

  2. Jill {peasandthankyous} says:

    Most genius theme ever Natalie!! The charm school books from Miss Piggy made me LOL. Adorable!! And for a "poor girl without a cutting machine", hello awesome banner!!

  3. Pink Peppermint Paper says:

    Dig the glasses AND so in love with the puppet stage cake display. Genius, Nat!


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