Green Swap Green Party

Theme: when I heard the theme I knew right away I wanted to design everything in green, do something girly & have all the food be green. I also wanted to literally take “green” to the max & that also included something with recycling. It took me a while to come up with a theme but it eventually came together & a “G.R.E.E.N.” Swap was born! I wanted to have the word “green” stand for something, so I came up with Girls Recycling & Exchanging Everything N’More! This was a great idea to create a party around because it provides a fun girls night out (the girly part), a chance to “recycle” old clothing, accessories, handbags & more & design it all in the color green! I also decided on the “N’More” part because that way any type of party could use the décor & printables from this collection – from just a clothing swap party to recycling nail polish & handbags to just an accessory swap.
Doing it all on a $100 budget was a challenge but planning in advance on what you want to buy & buying it on sale is KEY!

Food: consisted of Granny Smith apples hollowed out with a caramel/ whip cream dip inside. Lime jell-o & whip cream in mini glasses garnished with a slice of lime. Mint Oreo pops to coordinate with the Oreo whoopie pies (bought pre-made) & then rolled in green sugar to match. Cupcakes with a mint chocolate cookie accent on top. I also came up with mini handbags to match the theme by using marshmallows & using a green fruit roll up for the handles & accenting with green gel icing to create mini marshmallow handbags for the dessert table. All candy was green that was bought for the spread including the green candy in the party favor jars. Mini martini glasses were filled with lemon-lime Jelly Belly jelly beans & garnished with an “olive” resembling a green fuzzy pom.

Jewelry bar: Instead of having all the dessert on a “display”, I decided to create a “jewelry counter” display that would be where the guests could swap out jewelry that they brought for something new. Everything from necklaces to rings were displayed & shopping baskets provided so the guest could shop for their new jewels then sit down & have a snack at the dessert table afterwards.

Nail bar: Why not? I am constantly telling my friends how tired I get of a new nail color only after a couple uses, so I decided to add that on the list of things we could recycle amongst ourselves & get some great ‘new’ colors at the same time.

Additional displays: I set up a handbag rack for people to display their handbags that they wanted to swap. Also set up a clothing rack for the guests to hang any clothing that they may want to recycle. Large white shopping bags were provided for the guests to be able to carry all their new ‘recycled’ loot home with them.

 Printables/ styling / décor/ food – eye candy event details

Here is the breakdown of my budget:

– flower pom backdrop + any flower poms on tables – napkins {from IKEA} – $4.98

– 4 pk light green bowls used on jewelry counter & nail bar- {IKEA} – $1

– table runner fabric on jewelry counter & table {hobby lobby} – $5.32

– green wrapping paper to wrap box on nail bar {target} – $1
– green sheer fabric used for nail bar background {IKEA} – $1
– 3 pk. green narrow baskets – used for jewelry shopping baskets on jewelry counter {dollar tree} x 2 – $2
– 3 pk. square votive candle holders on table {IKEA} x 2 – $2
– package green square candles on table {IKEA} – $2
– 4 pk. mini spice jars – used for THANK YOU party favors on table {IKEA} x 1.5 – $5
– 3 blk candleholders used to make DIY green cake stands on table {IKEA} – $4.99
– 3 dot plates used to make DIY green cake stands on table {big lots} – $1.60
– green crepe paper used for ruffles on box on nail bar, party favors & glasses {dollar tree} – $1
– green ribbon used to hand banner, on party favors, tags, etc. {hobby lobby} $1 x 3 – $3
– 2 pk dk green chargers used on jewelry counter {target} – $2.50
– green spearmint leave candy in party favor jars {walgreens} – $1
– lemon-lime Jelly Belly jelly beans used in mini martinis & filler in Oreo Pops container {kroger}- $3
– 6 green Granny Smith apples {kroger} – dessert table – $4.67
– 2 limes used on mini jello dishes {kroger} – $1
– whoopie pies on dessert tables {kroger} – $2.47
– cake mix for cupcakes {kroger} – $1
– frosting for cupcakes {kroger} – $1
– jell-o mix {kroger} – $.70
– whip cream for jell-o & caramel mixture in apples {kroger} – $1
– caramel for mixture in apples {kroger} – $1
– mint oreo cookies {kroger brand} $1
– Keebler mint cookies – used on cupcakes {kroger} $.75
– marshmallows – $.75
– mints on nail bar – {kroger} $1
– 6 glasses {IKEA} – $4.80
– mini martini glasses {IKEA} – $5
– bag of light green foam balls used under apples {hobby lobby} – $.75
– greenery hanging from dining room light fixture {Pier 1} – $1.23
– green Tootsie Rolls on nail bar {Esther Price candies} – $2
– green hard candy with jell-o display {Esther Price candies} – $1.26
– printables {eye candy event details} $20
– 6 large white shopping bags {flower factory} – $3
– green lanterns on nail bar {target} – $1
– necklace stand – $3 (already owned- bought used)

Grand total = $99.77


  1. Party Wagon says:

    I love all of the dessert details! The flower garland in the backdrop is beautiful- thanks for all of the great ideas!

  2. Jill {peasandthankyous} says:

    What an awesome theme! My girlfriends would totally want to have this party Laura!!! Are those crepe paper skirts on the beverage bottles?? So cute!!

  3. Natalie {the knock-knock factory} says:

    best idea ever! I think I may need to do a swap party soon:)

  4. Pink Peppermint Paper says:

    I love the G.R.E.E.N. acronym and the lime colors you used. Especially loving the hanging tag "SWAP" signage! Well done.


  5. amy & lisa says:

    LOVE this!! What a GREAT idea.
    Would love a tutorial on the Pom Pom backdrop!! 🙂

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sheila Tatum said…This is just beautiful. What a great party. I'm GREEN with envy! Love it!

  7. biancagiftsandevents says:

    You have my vote!! love thinking outside the box!! and the design is scrumptious!!

  8. Mayra Rivera says:

    So fabulous, so many details!

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