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 Happy Friday!
We are in the thick of numerous jobs and our own little sweetheart’s 2nd birthday party tomorrow.  September turned out to be MUCH more busy than I could have ever imagined.  That’s a wonderful thing but blogging has taken a back seat but we will be back soon enough!  Now, onto the more important post of the day… its time to meet a new challenger, Laura of Eye Candy Event Details.  She has an amazing eye for design and she loves damask (of course I love anyone who loves damask).  Her design shoppe boast unique and creative designs that will definitely catch your eye…. let’s Meet Eye Candy Event Details.

1.   What is your favorite color?  hello! that would be PINK . . HOT PINK  & red too! Sorrythat’s two but I can’t pick  just one! And I love black & whiteEVERYTHING paired with a splash of  color!  
2.   What is the best bargain youever got?  it is TOP SECRET as I  got it for around$.55 shopping for this challenge & I  can’t go spoiling all the funright? But it is a piece of décor &  it  is pretty sa-weeeeeet!
3.   Are you a beach or poolperson? I  LOVE sitting & drinking acocktail ON the beach but prefer a pool if I  plan on getting wet – thesand is waaaaaay too messy!  
4.   Do you still ride rollercoasters? YES! I am a bit of an adrenaline-junkie so Ihave not met a  roller coaster I was afraid of! LOVE them!  
5.   What is your favoritevacation spot? Maui is my most FAVORITE places thatI have actually been too.  It was great – got to surf there with one of mybrothers . . .good times!  
6.   What is your mostembarrassing moment? ok – well believe it or not, I donot embarrass easy if, ever at  all so I can tell you a funny storythough. My husband cracks up at the fact  that I can fall asleep anywhere!{maybe it’s embarrassing for him! – lol} For  example, I was up late onenight working on some party décor & he was  helping, we were sittingat our dining room table & I had a pom hanging  from the chandelier& was ‘fluffing’ it & he said I totally fell  asleep STANDING UPbut still ‘fluffing’ the pom pom. Yes it’s true! I can’t  help it, when Iam tired my eyes shut but my ‘drive’ keeps going!  lol  
7.   What is your favorite sound?my  sweet little girl laughing . . . somethingabout your child’s laugh  that is just so contagious!  
8.   What would you describe asyour design style? ever-changing . . .like me! Dependson my mood – I like to do  the classy & make it hip or edgy but then Ilike to do chic & make it  whimsical & sometimes I like simple,modern & sometimes complex.  Maybe we should ask the audience . . .
9.   Who is your biggestinspiration? my daughter – she has inspired me tostart a whole new {2nd}  business that will be unveiling soon! Andalthough she is only 8, I ask her  opinion on a lot of the things I designas she is a pretty smart  cookie!  
10.                If you could have a theme song, what would it  be? hmmm . . .I have been known to be a little  adventurousso we’ll go with “Wild Side” by Motley Crue. I will tell you  this. . I can NOT function without listening to music. Want to see me go  insane?. . .take away my music!  So depending on the day & my  ‘mood’,it will vary from day to day. I listen to everything from Red Hot  ChiliPeppers to Metallica & Alice in Chains to  Coldplay & Black EyePeas to 50 Cent & Beastie  Boys. {See! . . told ya – I am all over theplace!-  lol}  
11.                If you could pick any reality TV star that relates to  you, whowould it be? not a clue!  
12.                What’s a motto you live by? “Life is notmeasured by the number of breathes you take,  but by the moments that takeyour breathe away.!”  . . .  {I really want to look back over mylife & say I  LIVED which is why I have this hanging in my house! =)}  AlsoI know it’s  corn-eeee but the “Live, Laugh, Love” – I know, Iknow totally overused BUT so  simplistic – a simple reminder to LIVE eachday to the fullest, make people  LAUGH every day & LAUGH at yourself& most importantly LOVE on people  every chance you get! (you neverknow wht they have going on in their  lives)
Let’s take a look at Laura’s favorite event of her own!

Visit Eye Candy Event Details for even more photos! 


Thank you Laura for agreeing to participate in this challenge, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! 


  1. Tini Posh says:

    Love Laura! LOL about falling asleep hubby is the same way!

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