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It’sSeptember and our 1st Designer’s Challenge reveal is rapidlyapproaching!  We can’t wait for thereveal.  After a brief vacation weare back with our Designer’s Challenge series “Meet the Challenger”.  Next up, The Purple Pug aka GlitteryGoddess!  Kristy, the genius behind The Purple Pug that has taken handmade couture stationery to the next level.  The unbelievable detail andskill in her creations are astonishing. Kristy and her creations are loved byall and she SIMPLY.AMAZES.ME.DAILY.
1.          What is your favorite color?
PANTONE17-3810~ Purple Ash
2.          What is the best bargain you evergot?
Myamazing deck. Should have been $25,000, paid $13,000. HOLLA!
3.          Are you a beach or pool person?
Ilove an ocean view. Jellyfish and seaweed-not so much.
4.          Do you still ride roller coasters?
Yes,but I think my riding days are numbered.
5.          What is your favorite vacationspot?
DisneyWorld-Orlando, not the tiny, crappy one in Cali.
6.          What is your most embarrassingmoment?
Ihave moments every day. Seriously.
7.          What is your favorite sound?
Thesound of my boys belly laughing.
8.          What would you describe as yourdesign style?
Original,way outside the box, eccentric and authentic.
9.          Who is your biggest inspiration?
10.     If you could have a theme song,what would it be?
Burdenin my Hand~Soundgarden, Head Like a Hole~NIN, Don’t Stop Believing~Journey,
11.      Ifyou could pick any reality TV star that relates to you, who would it be?
12. What’s a motto you live by?
The purpose of our lives is to be happy.Dalai Lama
Kristy couldn’t pick her favorite “rave” because she adores themall, so I picked my favorite…which is the epic Mario Cart Mustache Mania forher son.  The theme was so cleverand she took something gave it new life.  
Head on over to The Purple Pug for more photos! 

Find The Purple Pug!


  1. Kori Clark says:

    Love it all!! I personally find it hilarious that you have a favorite color….down to pantone #. Pretty Awesome!

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