Today we are back with our latest “Meet the Challenger” contest, Do Driver of Piggy Bank Parties!  I was so honored when Do accepted our request to be a contestant. I’m such a fan of her work and I love that she is a “frugalista” like me and offers creative ways to host a fabulous event on a budget.  I love that! 
1.    What is your favorite color?
Red….but I also love piggy pink!

2.    What is the best bargain you ever got?
My husband. I thought I was marrying a software engineer but I snagged an amazing artist and webmaster who works for food and one-liners!

3.    Are you a beach or pool person?
Both. This lil’ piggy is originally from Michigan which requires me to be within 15 miles of water at all times!

4.    Do you still ride roller coasters?
Yes, but I now ask myself this question on the first big climb, “Why am I doing this again?”

5.    What is your favorite vacation spot?
Disney World. We went there for our honeymoon!

6.    What is your most embarrassing moment?
Recently? Turning the corner in the grocery store, slipping on spilled water and almost doing the splits. I caught myself before I went down all the way. Thought I had survived without anyone seeing until an extremely loud voice rang out, “Are you okay?!? You came inches from hitting your head on the floor! Hey, is there anyone who can clean up the floor?!?” Have you seen a red pig lately?

7.    What is your favorite sound?
Water gently lapping against the shoreline.

8.    What would you describe as your design style?
Fun, Whimsical and Quirky!

9.    Who is your biggest inspiration?
My hubs and Piggy Bank Parties’ illustrator, J. He took a leap of faith into the world of illustration in his late 30s having never drawn before (except when he was a little kid). There are times his creations actually take my breath away and render me speechless. His artwork inspires and challenges me to create invitations, partyware and parties worthy of his illustrations.

          10.   If you could have a theme song, what would it be?
            “I am Piggy.  Hear me Oink!” (To the tune of, “I Am Woman” by Helen Reddy)

          11.    If you could pick any reality TV star that relates to you, who would it be?
Duff Goldman, “The Ace of Cakes.” He creates very detailed designs with a little humor mixed in. Duff also surrounds himself with people who are not just co-workers but freakishly talented friends.

12.What’s a motto you live by?
“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Here are some photos from Do’s All Time Favorite Party “Charlie Brown Inspired Birthday”  


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  1. Piggy Bank Parties says:

    You're such a sweetheart, Ebony! Thanks for the fabulous feature. {hogs and kisses}

  2. Tini Posh says:

    Great interview! The Charlie Brown party is one of my faves!

  3. RoseMarie says:

    talented and one of the nicest people i've encountered in the party blog world!
    RM, Home Confetti

  4. laura ~ eye candy event details says:

    nice to read about the fellow party people in this contest! Great to get to know her a little better! =)

  5. Natalie says:

    Do…that grocery store story made me laugh so hard. You are the cutest and I adore your style:)

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