Happy Monday!

Happy Monday! We know we’ve been MIA these past few weeks and we are checking in to share with you these beautiful invitations just so you can get a sneak peek of one of the many activities we have the pleasure of planning right now. In June, we were brought on to plan an Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower Tea Party. While many people are a fan of the new Alice in Wonderland saga, this mom-to-be wants to stick to the traditional Alice in Wonderland movie.  So the focus of this shower will be on the tea party, the flowers, and of course Alice’s blue dress! This shower will be a vintage modern tea party, with a touch of whimsy! Check out the beautiful invitations that set the tone for this event!


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    Thank you for planning this event for us. Our first baby is a very special time and you have gone above and beyond our expectations already with the invitations, they are incredible and I cannot wait for our baby shower tomorrow!!! We are truly blessed to have someone like you, that we trust, planning this for us (and not knowing any details!). Many, MANY, thanks!

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