Today we are back with our {Meet the Challenger} series and I’d like to introduce you to our one and only only international challenger, all the way from England!  Meet Bird from Bird’s Party
Bird, Creative Designer, Bird’s Party
1.   What is your favorite color?
Used to be purple when I was going through a teenage “goth” phase..but it’s now Pink!
2.    What is the best bargain you ever got?
I love thrift stores, flea markets and charity shops so whenever I go to these places I always manage to find a bargain!
3.    Are you a beach or pool person?
Beach. A lot more eye candy! 😉
4.   Do you still ride roller coasters?
I would if I had the time. I LOVE them!!
Hope that when my kids grow up a bit we’ll be “roller-coastering” together!
5.   What is your favorite vacation spot?
St Tropez.. so far. 
6.            What is your most embarrassing moment?
Hummm… toughie! There are so many! LOL
No seriously, I think maybe with age one becomes less self conscious…or more thick-skinned? 
So I honestly can’t remember last time I was “embarrassed”. 
7.            What is your favorite sound?
My daughter (3) singing songs she hears on TV. 
She’s at the age where she can’t quite pronounce things as they should be, so it’s hilarious!
8.   What would you describe as your design style?
I was thinking about this the other day….and came to the conclusion that my style is not just one style. I design 
based on my moods, what I see, based on what I love and above all would use myself
So, I guess you could say my design style is “selfish”?!! 
9.            Who is your biggest inspiration?
My children for sure! 
10.       If you could have a theme song, what would it be?
Not sure what the song title is, but if I sing “sugar, tut, tut, tut, tut tut, ooooh, honey, honey, tut, tut, tut, are my candy girl, and you’ve got me wanting yooooouuuuu…” 
Does that mean anything to you?
11.       If you could pick any reality TV star that relates to you, who would it be?
Oh Nigella! Especially when she pops back to her fridge (after dark) to tear pieces of cake and stuff in her nightgown? 
Soooo me! 🙂
12.       What’s a motto you live by?
“Keep calm, and have a cupcake”
Here are a few photos from Bird’s favorite party, Red Riding Hood Inspired Woodland Party.  

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  1. Laura { Eye Candy Event Details} says:

    yay bird – love this girl! =)

  2. Tini Posh says:

    Love Bird! All great answers! I also love the sound of my 3 year old singing..try to video it whenever I can..but she is shy..she always stops..thats ok I guess..don't think we will ever forget the sound of our lil girls singing!

  3. Bird says:

    haha girls, thanks you!! 😀

    Claudia, mine ASKS me to video it!! Can you believe it?!! LOL

  4. A To Zebra Celebrations says:

    So fun!!! You're so cute!! xoxo

  5. Kori Clark says:

    So cute!

  6. Natalie says:

    Answer to #1o is about the sweetest thing ever!!!

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