Happy Monday

Happy Monday from SED! Some people say sequels aren’t as great as the first part, but we prove that theory wrong by bringing you Part Duex of our Independence Party photo shoot. And the sweet part is that we are focusing right on the sweets!!! We’ve all seen the new trend of using indoor furniture for outside events so SED tapped into this by using a beautiful rustic dresser found in a local thrift store. We decided to use it just as is and not refinish it and it turned out to be a great focal piece for the shoot.
Now moving onto the desserts…we did run into a classic mishap with our whoopee pies, the cream inside decided it just wanted to be on the outside on this hot day but we still decided to use them anyway because you know what…sometimes you have to go with what you got and imperfection can be perfect!! We used our motto…K.I.S.S – Keep it Sugary Sweet! Check out the desserts that took this party to the NEXT level.

 Part One of the Celebrating Independence – Table for Brunch


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