Today, I’m so excited to begin sharing pictures from our 4th of July inspiration shoot.  This is something that we put A LOT of effort into and we hope that you like it and are inspired.  The vision for this photoshoot came from a good friend of mine who recently left her “high-powered” (and highly paid I might add) attorney job to become a teacher.  It wasn’t a decision that she came to lightly and it took about a year of soul searching to finally get there.  I’m so proud of her courage and desire to follow her passion, hence, I thought we could have a “Celebrating Independence” party in her honor…which led me to this idea.  4th of July is about our country’s independence but it could also be celebrating your own independence from any number of things just like my friend.  So go ahead and plan your own “Celebrating Independence” brunch.  

I wanted this party to be about Independence Day but I didn’t want it to scream 4th of July.  I found this fabric and it just about leaped into my cart.   It was so beautiful and perfect for the look I had envisioned.  So this party was 4th of July “deConstructed“. I didn’t want the typical stars and stripes so I created the pattern for the placecards to match the pattern of the fabric. 
First we have the entrance. A simple welcome sign made of circular pinwheels in different color scrapbook paper. 

Greeted with a tasty beverage and chocolate, what could be better! 
 Live For Today

One of my motto’s “Dream Big” 

This table design was really simple to put together, the only thing I purchased for this shoot was the fabric, flowers, and blue martini glasses (found those at the Dollar Store).  

Here are a couple of tips:
1.  Break out your fine china, this is a special celebration – My china was perfect for this shoot because it has a blue and silver ring and I already owned the chargers. 
2.  Hunt for bargains. I purchased those big red round vases from JoAnn’s Fabric for $5 bucks on clearance (save them for Valentine’s Day and/or Christmas to reuse).
3.  Think of words that describe your independence – use them throughout the party in various ways. 
4. Starting the event off with a tasty beverage is always a great to the party started!  Champagne with fruit or even a refreshing sangria are great choices. 
5.  Take it outside!  Yes, we are beginning summer but this weather is perfect to be outside and soak up some Vitamin-D.  Enjoy the nature! 

On Monday, we will share the dessert table design….here is a sneak peek! 


  1. A Lil Something To Remember says:

    vERY nICE

  2. Keisha - Cupcake Wishes & Birthday Dreams says:

    WOW – this is very elegant!!!! Visiting from DiD!!!

  3. Rene' says:

    Beautiful! Love your table setting- So elegant!

  4. Ebony of Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC. says:


  5. Cupcakes and Lemonade says:

    This is beautiful! I LOVE the fabric. So classy!

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