Happy Monday!

I love love love Preston Bailey, everyone who knows me knows this.   Needless to say when I received a response from the designer of all things high-end and celebrity, the one-and-only Preston Bailey it brought me to tears.  On Tuesday, I was reading one of his blogs on Brand Perception to which I sent him a question, never knowing if he would receive it.  
His words of inspiration and encouragement reinforced to me that I am on the right path in deciding to live my dreams.  I will treasure this lovely note and this moment for life.  I am greatly humbled that an industry icon such as Preston Bailey would take the time to personally acknowledge me and I can’t think of any better way to end the month of L-O-V-E with his words….. 

“Someone told me once, the only way to get rid of any insecurities, is to always allow the creative light to shine right out of you.  That light is a guiding one, that does not need to be to grand or to humble, it’s just  the divine spirit that guides us in our journey of life.  That light is so real that you can just accept who you are with love and know you are  worthy.
I hope I did not get  to spiritual on you, but that advice  changed my perception of worth.
So my dear Ebony, take it all in, you are worthy, and you are on the right path.  Just always keep it real.”

Thank you Mr. Bailey for changing my life…. 

  1. CHS Creative Productions says:

    How very cool is that!I couldn't be happier for you!!!!

  2. Latisha Horton says:

    What a lovely and inspirational note … beautifully and eloquently said Mr. Bailey.

  3. ALM Chandler says:

    Wow. Just bought one of his books and it so lovely to know that he is as inspirational as he is talented. Wow.

  4. Charisse Dean says:

    The beauty of the note was bestowed on you because of the beauty you possess as a person. Very deserved!

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