Are you newly engaged?  Have you begun thinking about your bride “style“?  What vision do you have for your wedding and reception?  Your bride style is heavily drawn from your personal style and influences all of the decisions that you make on each component of your wedding.  So, what type of bride are you? 

The Classic Bride –  A traditionalist who loves clean simple lines.  You will lean towards ivory and cream colors, with simple typefaces.  Your dress may be a simple white A-Line strapless dress with delicate minimal embellishments.  Pearls are a must.  
The Romantic Bride – Soft flowing fabrics and lace are your favorites.  You tend to lean towards soft pastel colors with tons of beautiful full flowers.  Gentle script typefaces appeal you.   Your dress will likely be made with delicate fabrics such as English netting and lace.  The wedding will likely be full of florals and will have a ethereal mode. 

The Dramatic Bride – You like to make a statement!  Your wedding colors will likely be rich and vibrant with lots of flair.  Everything about your wedding will stand out and you’ll likely tend to lean towards current trends but with your own twist.  You enjoy typefaces that are eye catching and jump right off the paper.  Customization and personalization will be important to you.  

The Natural Bride – The tone of your wedding will be warm, you enjoy earthy tones.  You’ll have the tendency to look for “green” options in most of your wedding selections.  You appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors and may lean towards a destination wedding or a wedding outdoors.  You prefer a natural understated look. 

    Dare to Dream!

  1. Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) says:

    Wonderful photos to illustrate each bride type! And isn't it great that there are wedding suppliers and services to allow each one to make their dream wedding come true?!

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