Happy Monday!  

It has been a long while since I have posted some real invitations but I’ve been busy busy busy over here.  So I’m finally getting around to posting some of the beautiful invitations that I have been working on lately.  Today,  I’d like to highlight these lovely housewarming party invitations that I created.  These are for the winner of our “Facebook” giveaway for reaching 700 fans.  Well, now I’m nearly at 1,000! The winner selected to have some housewarming invitations done to celebrate her new home with friends and family.  She told me that her home has colors were black, fuchsia and damask, so I knew we were going to come up with something spectacular because I LOVE that color palette! 
The invitation is 5×7 inches printed on a satin matte cardstock so that the colors really pop and mailed in a fuchsia shimmer envelope. 
{The Design}
 {The Final Product} 

Congratulations to Kali our Facebook winner! I hope that you love your invitations and that you have a wonderful housewarming celebration!

    Dare to Dream!

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