Happy Monday!
I’m so happy to share with you pictures from Marley’s Sweet Shoppe 1st Birthday Party.  Last week I declared it “sweets” week on The Sparkle Spot highlighting a few of the parties that inspired me as I planned this party for my sweet precious Marley.  
Without further adieu, welcome to Marley’s Sweet Shoppe!

**  The Entry**
Marley has two ice cream stands for this party and this was the one that Mommy aka Me built for her!  My mom (Gigi) made the sign on top.  That’s a cute pink, white and brown tulle pom pom for the ice cream scoops! 🙂 
Remember that wreathe that my mom made for Alice in Wonderland, well she made one for Sweet Shoppe with ice cream cones! 
That’s tulle! 🙂  She’s so creative! 
**  Favor Table **
The favor table.  Ice cream cones filled with goodies! 

Lots of goodies!

“Thank You for Making My Life Sweet Marley!”  Dream big honey!

** The Decor ** 
You know that tulle pom poms I’m in love with.  I decided to make them look like ice cream cones this time!  Super cute right! 
Strawberry, Chocolate and Vanilla cones! 
**  The Sweets **

I used my brand new Bakerella book to make these Ice Cream Cones cakes pops!
 Think she would approve?
My niece is so silly!  Oops, I dropped it! 

I am so happy with how the dessert table turned out!  The Cake Pops were a HUGE hit!
** The Grand Finale**  
The Ice Cream Stand
My husband and brother made this stand for Marley!  I saw it on the HWTM (featured it here last week) and fell in love! I saw these beautiful ruffled streamers on How Does She blog and had to make them. 
Drum roll please…… OK can you tell how excited I am about this! 
I wanted it to look like a child had written the sign! 

The ruffled streamers! 
Make Your Own Ice Cream Sundae
Ice Cream Cone Centerpiece!
Birthday girl with Auntie! 
I want some sprinkles Mommy! 
I know I’m biased but isn’t she PRECIOUS! 
There I am serving it up!  I hate being in pics! 
And finally… “The Sweet Shoppe Girls”
These were the aprons that my mom surprised me with!  We all wore them including my sister, mom, niece and goddaughter!  
One last thing, it’s funny that I decided on a Sweet Shoppe theme for Marley’s party because even though she is the world sweetest baby, she hates sweets!  LOL  
This is her face after tasting the Smash Cake! Priceless!

After two large parties back to back…its time for rest! 

    Dare to Dream!

  1. Angelena says:

    Oh Ebony such a "sweet" birthday party love every detail I esp love the shot where your niece drops the cake pop (priceless)! Too cute! and Marley looks adorable.Love it!!

  2. Party Box Design says:

    oh i love it!!! soooo super cute! i loooove the last two pics most!!!!

  3. YouthfulTips says:

    ADORABLE! I love the picture with her smiling so big! Great memories!

  4. Gillian says:

    What a great party!! I especially love "The Sweet Shoppe Girls" Priceless!!

  5. Mommy says:

    Ebony, as usual you truly outdid yourself! Your creativity and visions for creating wonderful and unique parties ia truly a gift.

    Keep up the fantastic work!

    Love ya

  6. OwningSingle says:

    That was so sweet! I just want to pick that baby up and kiss her cheeks. Great job!

  7. Chelsea Taft says:

    What a fabulous looking party. How fun!! I love your creativity!! And Marley is an absolute cutie pie! :).

  8. Anonymous says:

    Ebony this is really nice. You did such a great job!


  9. Pam Burrus says:

    Love it!! and love the Sweet Shop stand modeled after my lemonade stand (thanks for featuring me btw) You did a FANTASTIC job! Makes me want to do a party-do-over! Wish I was there hehehehe

  10. Brittany @ GreyGreyDesigns says:

    LOVE! It is so beautiful! And your sweet little one is too! Love love love the tulle poms as ice cream cones!

  11. Bree says:

    I AM SO IMPRESSED. WOW…I also nominated you to win a prize award about being creative- http://theblogfrog.com/1370931/forum/56186/most-creative-blogger-.html#NULL

  12. rez says:

    nice matching aprons. i could use a icecream pop about now.

  13. Yaqarah says:

    I love the Ice Cream stand! I'll have to get that tutorial on the ruffled streamers.

  14. Yaqarah says:

    Great Job!

  15. pinkstilettos says:

    So Cute!! Love your decorations!

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