Happy Monday!

I know it was a light posting week but last week was one of the most absolute busiest weeks EVER.  I just had no time to post.  However, I’m back now and I’m declaring it SWEETS week in honor of the birthday party that I’m planning for my Marleycakes this weekend!  I’ve decided to post all of the lovely parties that have inspired Marley’s Sweet Shoppe Birthday Party.   I decided to do a Sweet Shoppe for her because she is really the sweetest baby EVER….hence her nickname, Marleycakes.   This set of inspirations boards from Celebrations At Home are what made me decide on that theme!  I was immediately drawn to the Eat, Drink, Chic party that I had seen sometime ago but completely forgot about…Here are a few of the inspiration boards from Celebrations At Home followed by a few photos from the Eat, Chic, Drink Ice Cream Social shoot.  

I love the apothecary jars to hold the ice cream cones and condiments!
I love the ice cream stand with the Neapolitan colors!  
Gorgeous Pink and White spread by Eat, Drink, Chic!  I love it!
Here are some lovely photo’s from the Eat, Chic, Drink photo shoot!  I have been saving baby food jars for months..I’ve got a clever way to use them! 
Doesn’t this just make you want to scream for some ice cream!  

   Dare to Dream!

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