Happy Monday!
And a Happy Monday it is!!!!  This post is a little different today but I just can’t contain myself anymore.  Things have been so wonderful in the life of SED, LLC.  I’m just so overjoyed that I can’t even formulate the words to describe what I’m feeling.  Humbleness, excitement, and fear all boiled into one!  This time last year I was 9 months pregnant with my second daughter, waiting for little Miss Marley to arrive.  SED was but a twinkle in my eyes and look at where I am today! 
So very grateful!  Everyone keeps saying when you follow your passion and put everything you can into it, it can’t be anything but successful!  I’m hoping that is true!  I still can’t quit my day job but I’m doing something that I LOVE every single day and that makes me smile more than you know. 
 I’m still Dreaming Big and BIG just happened! 
Last week I was featured on the fabulous Stylish Childrens Parties blog by Kate Landers Events, LLC.  During the course of my feature I couldn’t believe how unbelievably kind and complementary Kate was.  It is so TRUE.  If you are in this industry, you know that at times you must have thick skin.  You get Thanks but No Thanks a lot or no response at all.  It can be hard at first because most of the time we are on our worst critics to begin with.  Always looking back and thinking what you should have done differently or better.  Kate was so kind, sweet and thoughtful, I almost thought it wasn’t real.  I can see why so many people adore her!  And I do too!!! Thank you for the wonderful feature Kate and even more so your wonderful and thoughtful words of encouragement! 
Next just when I ended the week with signing a new client and this feature…. I get a call from Preston Bailey’s office!!!!  I DIED!  
Words can NOT describe my excitement.  My heart was racing and has been racing and I’m still pinching myself.   I’ve been keeping my fingers crossed that it would be selected for feature.  If selected I didn’t know when it was going to run so when I got notice that it was up, I DIED AGAIN!  I absolutely love everything about Preston Bailey. I hope to attend one of his classes one day and would DIE to meet him.  Well the bridal shower that I threw for my sister is posted on his entertaining website RIGHT NOW!!!   So AMAZING!  How many times can use that word? 

The funny part is my husband said, “Who is Preston Bailey?  I don’t know who he is but it sounds important.”  — You think!  😉

I’m Daring to Dream and I’m DREAMING BIG!

P.S. Excuse any typo’s…. I’M REALLY EXCITED! 🙂
    Dare to Dream!

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    Congrats! Your work is great and it deserves all of the publicity! Preston Bailey is amazing I would be just excited as you are!

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  3. SAJ says:

    Shut the front door! That is beyond exciting! Congrats :).

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