I’m back with another Fabulous Find and again it comes from one of my favorite places to shop, Costco!  This weekend was my last weekend to prepare for the big bridal shower I have this weekend and we made a stop by Costco and found this cute little tutu by Jona Michelle!  I see these tutu’s all over the place and my oldest daughter already has a fuchsia one but I just couldn’t resist this one. I picked up the fuchsia, red, and purple one!   They also came in yellow, blue and fuchsia layers as well. It is embellished with a beautiful flower and ribbon on the side! Toooo cute!   Why it is a Fabulous Find… because it’s only $15.99!  Run, don’t walk on over to Costco and get your little girls a fabulous tutu!    

These would also be great for a ballerina party, you could buy all the little ladies their own tutus! 


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