Today’s Real Invitation is something that you don’t typically don’t see from me.  My good friend Gillian reached out to me to create invitations for her son’s 5th birthday party.  It’s a Slime Time party.  The first thing she says to me, “Are you going to be able to this because I consider you to be the designer of ‘all things pretty!'” Of course I loved that!  I told her, of course, I can do slimy… right?  Well, in reality these were a bit more of a challenge to me than I originally anticipated.   The first couple of drafts my husband kept telling me it was “too pretty”…  So finally after some work, we came up with these!  I hope Joshua’s has a fabulous time at his Slime Time Birthday Party!  We are also making some matching labels and favor tags for the slime fest!  🙂

This invitation is 4×9 inches printed on a glossy cardstock, mailed in a bright pumpkin colored envelope.  

Have a great weekend!  We have more invitations next week and lots of inspiration eye candy coming up!

  1. Party Box Design says:

    what a fun party theme!

  2. Ebony of Sparkling Events & Designs, LLC. says:

    Should be loads of fun! It makes me think of the show on Nickelodean I use to watch growing up… Double Dare with all the slime! 🙂

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