Last night the 82nd Academy Awards took place at Los Angeles‘ Kodak Theatre.  Originally I set out to write about the beautiful dresses we saw last night and the influence they will have on wedding gowns this season.  However, I thought…been there done that from the Golden Globes.  So as I watched, I decided, instead, to write about the beautiful stage design and how every year, the stage design becomes more elaborate and glamorous.  

This year the stage was designed by architect and designer, David Rockwell, who also designed the Kodak Theatre.  This is his second year as stage designer for the Oscars.  I can imagine that every year it gets a bit more difficult to outdo the previous year.  

This stage featured a 60 by 100ft Swarovski crystal curtain.  The curtain also added an additional 16in of topaz and pear shaped crystals.  Just so sparkly!  The colors were topaz, brown, gray and platinum.   Beveled and frosted mirrors added not only added dimension to the stage, but also reflected the brilliant lights in the crystals.    

Lighting this beautiful is not just reserved for the Oscars.  You can bring the glamorous, sparkly feel of last night, to your wedding.  Lighting for a wedding and reception can completely transform a room, leaving it absolutely gorgeous.  Great lighting can truly set the tone and mood for the wedding.  Lighting can also be used to camouflage an eye sore or obstacle in a room that would normally take away from the decorations.  The use of crystals have also become extremely popular over the past few years and this is one trend that I don’t see going away….Everyone loves a little sparkle.  

Here are some of my favorite transformations using both lighting and crystals.  

Preston Bailey:

Daniel Villa, Lighting Designer 

Colin Cowie

The Crystal Tree

Tomorrow, we will highlight the different types of lighting (e.g., pin spot, up lighting, LED).  



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