It’s been awhile since our first freebie, so I thought I would bring it back! Here is the today’s free monogram!  It’s classic and simple with a twist.  This monogram features a rectangle with inverted sides for a little twist!

The 1st 10 posters will receive this monogram FREE.  In addition, any new client bookings by 3/8/10 will receive 15% off of their entire order! 🙂  This includes wedding coordination packages! Deposit must be paid by 3/8/10.

Please post the following information!  
Last Name Initial 
Bride First Name Initial
Groom First Name Initial 
Color – you can have black or pick two colors from this chart, please respond with the color ###### number not the name. 
Wedding Date
Email address for me to send it to you! 🙂
I will send you a high resolution image with transparent background so that you can use it on anything!   
Monogram uses include, invitations, save the dates, favors, welcome bags, dance floor lighting… the list is endless!  
Good luck!!!


  1. Anonymous says:


  2. Anonymous says:

    15-5519 and Black
    July 7th 2010

  3. Anonymous says:

    Last Name Initial: B
    Bride First Name Initial: P
    Groom First Name Initial: J
    Color: BLACK & WHITE
    Wedding Date: APRIL 9, 2011
    Email address:


  4. DeAndre says:

    Last Name S
    Bride First Name A
    Groom First Name D
    Color – #00C957 0 201 87 5753088
    Wedding Date November 13, 2010
    Email address:

    Thank you,
    Aisha & DeAndre

  5. DeAndre says:

    By the way the other colors are black and white

  6. Party Box Design says:

    ohhhh freebies are so sweet!

    could you do somthing for initials OR my daughters name?

    Charlotte Paige Bornman

    ps- the buttercream is crazy good!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Tea sd

    Bride's Itnital- T
    Groom's Itnital- G
    Last Name- R


    email address-

  8. Anonymous says:

    oops color for Tea is 7D26CD

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