Happy Valentine’s Day!
This day typically kicks off the wedding planning process for many happy couples!  If you are newly engaged, CONGRATULATIONS!  Welcome to the madness of wedding planning.  For brides, I’m sure you are showing off that new diamond with pride and joy!  Who doesn’t love diamonds, they are so sparkly!  While the majority of engagement rings are colorless diamonds, today I wanted to show case rare colored diamonds.  I think that they are so beautiful and different.  What gives colored diamonds their color?  The presence of elements from the periodic table (hydrogen, nitrogen, boron) and radiation pressure can change the natural color of a diamond.  It turns them into a color that is quite beautiful, unique and rare! Enough of the scientific talk… let’s look at all things sparkly!  Colored diamonds have made a come back over the past few years, Canary and Pink diamonds are highly desired stones that are quite breathtaking.  


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