{Designer’s Challenge} Green Beansie Ink – The Price is Right

April 23rd, 2012 in birthday party ideas, designer's challenge

Green Beansie Ink

The Price is Right

This party created by the fabulous Green Beansie Ink showcases amazing Price is Right party ideas that you can recreate at home!

One of my favorite shows growing up was The Price is Right – with Bob Barker, Barker’s Beauties, etc.  – circa 1985.  I thought it would be fun to recreate a vintage “The Price is Right” as “Age Five is Right” for a 5th birthday party for a boy or girl!


First I turned to some amazing dessert artists for help: Brittany of Edible Details created the sparkly, groovy flowers that topped my homemade cake.  Arlene of Sweets By Arlene created the beautiful green glitter cake balls (I picked these up on a trip to NYC – yay for being green!).  Jodi of Wonderland Cookies (local to me) made the amazing and delicious themed cookies!  I bought the cupcakes at Wal-mart for $6


I made a box cake mix and bought rolled fondant from Michael’s  to cover it.  This was my first time touching fondant and it was really easy for covering the cake.  If you’re new to fondant – I recommend watching a YouTube video on how to work with it.


Next, I focused on the colorful backdrop.  For this, I taped christmas lights (white stranded icecycle lights that we use every year) on to a wall in our house in a random pattern.  Then I used vinyl tablecloths that I cut in to strips (I didn’t cut all the way through, I left a strip in tact at the top to make it easier to work with) and taped these up over the Christmas light covered wall.  In our house, this wall happens to be a large mirror, but it would work on any painted wall.

We have Ikea storage furniture (EXPEDIT) that worked perfectly for the bottom portion of the display.  I was able to create little windows into the cubbies for the “One Right Price” game.   I bought black craft paper from a local teachers supply store for 0.25 per foot (my favorite bargain find for this project!!) to tape to the front of the storage unit.


I created three games, all of which can be played by each of the four kids.

  1. Secret X – I created out of poster board.  (this can be played four times)
  2. One Right Price – I used foam core, poster board and a little bit of gold glitter (this can be played four times – you just need eight separate prizes to use- these can double as party favors)
  3. Punch A Bunch – I used foam core for the sign and printed the circles on standard copy paper and cut them out.. (you can have each kid punch a certain amount of circles)  Inside you can place tickets so each kid can add up their number of tickets to see who has the highest number, then they can pick from the dessert table first

For all of the games, I found the appropriate “logo” on the Price is Right website and printed them out.  For the larger prints, I blew up the letters and cut them out and adhered them to poster board.  This is  a good way to do this because when you blow up the logos, they are blurry around the edges and you can cut that portion out.

I also created some special items (cupcake wrappers, cupcake toppers, cake topper, patterned paper) that will be available for free download on my blog: www.greenbeansie.blogspot.com.


The favors are incorporated into the One Right Price game as prizes.  I included 8 toys in my tally (two different toys for each of the 4 players).  Most of these can be purchased at the dollar store, other items were purchased from the clearance section at Walmart and used books from a used bookstore.  I also had enough desserts that the kids could take one or two treats home.


All of the items for the table setting were purchased at Walmart.  I also included the big dice (from the Dollar Tree) for determining who gets to play each game first.




$-17.25    Edible Details – fondant flowers
$-7.50      Sweets by Arlene glittery cake balls
$-15.00    Wonderland Cookies 6 custom cookies

$-5.00   Shipping Charge
$-8.00   rolled fondant
$3.00    poster board x 3 (black, red, yellow)
$-3.00   roll of black paper 31”
$-2.88   foam core (green)
$-1.97    foam core (white)
$-4.00   vinyl tablecloths (green, red, blue, yellow)
$-3.00   ribbon
$-6.00  Store bought cupcakes
$-1.00   dice
$-1.50    Favor 1 ball
$-3.00   Favor 2 Zhu Zhu Pet boat (clearance)
$-3.00   Favor 3 used book
$-2.00   Favor 4 action figure (clearance)
$-3.00   Favor 5 used book
$-1.00   Favor 6 beach ball
$-2.00   Favor 7 used book
$-1.00  Favor 8 coloring book

$  Grand Total – $94.10  

Jenny D. says:

I love, love, love this party! So creative, fun, and clever!

Dina - Deliciously Darling Events says:

SO SO SO creative! I LOVE this!!!! <3

Brittany @GreyGrey Designs says:

I cannot believe this was accomplished for under $100. Amazing.

Lydia- The Party Wagon says:

This is fantastic!!!

Lindsay {Easy Made Invitations} says:

How fun!!! Great job Wendy! Love the backdrop!!!

Kristina Mccook says:

Amazing job!

Sarah / Dreamers Joy Events & Design says:

Huge fan of Wendy’s work! This looks awesome! 🙂

Latoya Garrett says:

Good Evening,
I ran across your site and I must say absolutely amazing. I am hosting a back to school event for my apartment complex and the theme is Price is Right. Would you be open to sharing a tutorial on how you actually made the Secret X game and One Right Price game? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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